Wood Boards, these were the beginning of it all, Koa wood from the Islands, Red Wood from California, Hollow paddleboards & Balsa Wood from South America.

That is the basic story. Today there are hybrids of all of the above. Built from Balsas, Hollow wood skinned Beauties. New & Old designs, Built form old cedar & redwood fences & fine grain materials. Totally Renewable, Totally Intense to build, don't expect these in a rush. I only do these if there is a committed order. That being said, if you have ever ridden a Balsa foil in some rugged surf you will know a feeling unlike any foam you have ever ridden. For me it is about two things. Big Rough waves going really fast, or the smoothest cruising you will ever experience. Being an old guy the gun is not waxed; My 10-0 cruiser, on the other hand, is still a viable quiver choice for those special days. If you really want one I'll build it for you. But no Haggling

Custom Surfboards, what can I say, this is a limitless area for us all. I am from the school of if you have fun riding it, it is a great board! There are proven designs that are with out question, & there are a thousand theories about the Hydrodynamic Viability of at least as many designs of surfboards. I am open to it all. For myself there are specific features that I like to incorporate in my designs & interpretations to give them the benefit of modern thought. The rest is up to the Rider.

The perfect board, is it even possible? We talk, we theorize, & we go for it. It's done. Want a Classic? There have been some amazing boards designed & built over the years & Reproducing them is not to be taken lightly. If an accurate copy is what you are after, First choice go to the shaper who first built it. Second choice we can use our expertise to recreate what you are looking for. One offs only for this process.