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Ray Moss Custom Surfboards & Dream Flag Productions .

About Ray~

Living on the planet sixty plus years, Surfing for Fifty Years, and building or working on Surfboards for almost as long. What I have learned: Surfing keeps you sane! And everything wears out eventually.

I started out building my first board with a kit from Plastic Mart in Santa Monica (one of the first places to sell fiberglass & resin in my area). I also bought boards from the Locals in the South Bay & down to San Diego, Con, Hansen, Weber & Yater to name a few. I have worked with Balsa, Polyurethane, Styrofoam & some not so organic Biofoams as well.

In my years of surfing I have ridden the early foam boards, Balsas & transitioned thru all the changes of the past five decades of surfboard design, cutting down old logs for first generation shortboards & into ultra light Poly foams. & Always looking for that perfect board. If a shaper tells you he never made a bad board, that's just there ego talking. If you don't push the envelope you will never get past it.

Another very important fact is that not all surfers ride the same way & although there are those who can ride anything. Most of us have very specific needs when it comes to our perfect boards. My quiver goes from 6-0 to 11-0 & every board is designed with my particular expectations in mind.

What's in it for you? 50 years of surfing & shaping experience to help you find that perfect board.